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Monica Davis



Monica Davis, a professional hairstylist, a blogger and a women’s success coach She has 2 years of experience in teaching and conducting master classes and author’s lectures about woman success and happiness and over 20 years experience in hairstyling.

I will help you to pick up a new image. My main aim in hairstyling is to choose a haircut that does not require complicated styling so that we can achieve good results without any difficulties. I use professional cosmetics Estel, Schwarzkopf, Matrix in my work. These products have been tested through years.


I was born in Dallas, Texas, and I’ve always loved making hairstyles for my mom, my two little sisters and all of my friends. As I grew up, I realized that my hobby could be turned into a career, and that’s how I became a hairstylist.

I have a personal blog where I review latest inventions in hairstyling such as hair straightening brushes and so on.

Hair Services:

  1. A hair Botox – a hair reconstruction and renovation.
  2. The hair treatment – innovative treatment procedure, which is designed to restore natural hair beauty.
  3. A bio-styling – the procedure of making wavy, curly locks.
  4. A keratin straightening – the method of making perfectly straight hair with long-lasting effect.
  5. The ombre hair coloring – changing color from dark roots to light tips.
  6. A hair coloring – sometimes it is enough to choose the right hair color to look bright, stylish and elegant.
  7. The hair lamination – the procedure of straightening hair for a few months.
  8. A hair bronding – the hair game of several shades that looks stylish, and natural
  9. A hair braiding – every braiding hairstyle you wish.
  10. Men haircuts – stylish and practical at the same time.

Most popular hair coloring techniques of this season:

The ombre hair coloring

A classical way of the ombre hair coloring is a two-tone coloration. The line of transition from one color to another should not be explicit and clear. Most often, the colors for making an ombre are chosen to be close to natural: brown, nut, honey, wheat, coffee or chocolate. The world “Ombre” means shading. Ombre hair is usually dark at the roots and up to the middle, and then gradually becomes lighter from the middle of the length to the hair tips.

Venetian coloring technique

Venetian technique require deviation from the roots of 2 cm, using several colors for hair coloring (4-5). The effect is a relief and volume of haircuts, with the wet sand, honey, ripe wheat color.

Hair bronding

Hair bronding looks like an overgrown hair. In this case, the hair roots and the upper part of hair are painted in natural color, and the tips are brightened.

California hair technique

Such technique is practiced on light brown hair, using a few, similar in tone, light pastel shades. The result – the effect of multicolored pastel coloring hair. The strands are colored in coffee-cognac, beige, nut, wheat, and caramel-honey shades. The more shades the master uses, the more interesting effect turns out.

California highlighting most efficiently looks on the blond hair. The hair remains deep-dark at the roots with a smooth transition to the different vertical widths clarified in different tones – a smooth, watercolor transition from darker roots to the lighter tips of the hair.

Darkened roots and chaotically located, clarified strands create the effect of naturally sunburned hair, as well as give the hair a “depth” and an extra visual volume.

Sample Cuts and Styles

A stylish and modern haircut is one of the most important detail of the image of every woman. Properly selected clothes, harmonious makeup and fashionable haircut make up 90% of the woman’s success. The modern woman is stylish, beautiful and independent.

I give free consultations on the selection of a new haircut or staining! So feel free to sign up!


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